"LIVE with what you LOVE"

"LIVE with what you LOVE"

Specializing in the primary and secondary home market in Scottsdale, AZ., MARY MEINZ DESIGN is a residential Interior Design firm directed by fourteen-time ASID award-winning designer Mary Meinz,ASID supported by Gina DeCosse, Interior Designer and Elizabeth Meinz Studio Manager.  MARY MEINZ DESIGN has been extensively featured in Phoenix Home & Garden and other magazines and has been lauded for its inspired designs and client satisfaction. 

Mary, a graduate of Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, WI has developed her client philosophies and business expertise by practicing residential design for many years in the mid-west, namely Dietrich's Interiors of Hales Corners, WI, from 1974 to 1989, and Peabody's Interiors of White Fish Bay, WI from 1989 to 2005.  In 2005 Mary and her family relocated to the "Valley of the SUN" where she has been actively involved in the design community to present.  Mary has a great passion for all aspects of design including all remodeling, specification, furnishing and accessorizing in a 'out of the box' kind of way.  She enjoys meeting people and serving clients from all walks of life and from across the nation.  Mary takes great pleasure in partnering with her clients and offering them excellent, fitting choices in which to create and accomplish 'the vision' above and beyond all expectations.

"Bloom where you are planted" and "live with what you LOVE" are an integral part of what Mary believes timeless design is about.  "For me, taking something that means 'something' to my client(s) and placing that 'something' in a prominent place or using these priceless items as inspiration for the design of their home is an ultimate honor" Meinz reports.  "I love to re-purpose or emphasize objects of art and treasure that define what a family is about."  Everyone feels accomplished when they are invited to grow and learn through their design experience, and Mary thrives when creating opportunities and providing support for clients to look beyond their comfort zone building a safe haven in the place they call 'home'. 

CLASSIC . TIMELESS .  SUBTLE .  embody the philosophy we at MARY MEINZ DESIGN strive for in our daily design practice in all that we say and do.  Please know that we always have you and your family's needs and aspirations at heart in the way we listen to, connect with and pursue your interest and ideas.  It is our pleasure to serve you and no job is too large or too small as we love to meet all challenges and aspects of interior design.

We believe our combined experience, passion and enthusiasm is both necessary and infectious in the process of good design.  Please accept our invitation to get to know us better (as we get to know you better)  and learn more about what we do at MARY MEINZ DESIGN by contacting us via email at mary@marymeinzdesign.com.  We are looking very forward to meeting with you in the near future and remember......always, 'Live with what you LOVE!"

Just living is not enough........One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower
– Hans Christian Anderson

"BLOOM where you are planted.........." Mary Meinz,ASID