"To find a connection ~ to coordinate a design ~ to have someone who listens and visualizes all that perhaps you cannot see for the home of your dreams ~ to have a partner in realizing the potential and beauty of the empty house that speaks to you ~ knowing it is where you want to be ~ and 'that' someone transforms a home into PERFECTION for the way you want to live and enjoy the beauty of the desert ~ PRICELESS." We have been blessed and so proud to have Mary Meinz design our Desert Mountain home.  OUTSTANDING!  

The Pauling's  Tulsa, OK


"Mary, I am simply overwhelmed by the beauty of our Arizona home, and your skill, care and love for us is evident everywhere I look.  I can not thank you enough for this dream come true and for your friendship in making it all happen.  You are AMAZING! 

W. Von Hoene, Chicago, Ill


"I feel so fortunate to have found Mary Meinz and her design team to help me transform my newly-purchased condo into a gorgeous and comfortable living space.  Almost immediately Mary and I knew we could work together and that I could trust her recommendations and advice.  I had the pleasure of working with Mary and her team for several months as we undertook a major remodel which included structural modifications that turned out to be quite creative and very effective.  Mary is a TALENTED designer and fabulous at what she does!  She and her team are very organized and a pleasure to work with.  I would not hesitate to call Mary for any future design needs.  I absolutely recommend Mary Meinz Design for any design projects you may be undertaking." 

Kitty Scharf, Scottsdale, AZ


"Your home is sooooooo cool!  I just downloaded the September issue of PH&G on my iPad, and WOW!  It has SO much character with interest, so much 'smile' and creative integration into its surroundings.  I love the textures with the artifacts and the Native American touches.  CONGRATULATIONS!......can not wait for us to partner on our Arizona home!

D. Gundry, Wayzata, MN


"Mary Meinz of Mary Meinz Design has, over the course of approximately 25 years, provided her unique, fabulous, award-winning services to us from Wisconsin to Arizona and from Arizona to Florida partnering with us in 6 different homes from a one bedroom condo to a lake home to a total remodel 'beach' home to a city penthouse.  each home was given its own personality and charm using a combination of new and used/heirloom and original furniture, art, area rugs and accent pieces.  Mary has enhanced our lives by making our home environments unequalled places of peace and beauty"

D'Angelo, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida


"Mary is fantastic!. After our first meeting Mary understood our home and how we appreciate a neutral setting with a fun pop of color.  Mary was wonderful about helping us through the process as we explored furnishings, textiles and the combination of the two.  She helped us to move from the Midwest to the Southwest and still feel at home.  Thanks so much Mary and Gina! 

Lizz and Dave Bowman, Scottsdale


"I have worked with Mary Meinz and her assistant Gina for many years.  Mary is not only one of the most magnificent designers I have ever had the privilege of working with, but, she is also a great friend, incredible humanitarian and just simply a wonderful person.  As one of the most award winning and written about designers in the Vally, Mary gives each client her heart and soul and this is obvious from the stunningly beautiful homes she has created in her career."

Saeed Aslam, Owner Alyshaan Fine Rugs


 from one of my proteges':  "there are not enough words to extend my appreciation for Mary of Mary Meinz Design.  Not only is she a warm and caring person, but, she represents excellent qualities as a great leader and mentor and someone that is a joy to work with.  Someone whose opinion I respect!  Mary Meinz influenced my career path toward Interior Design when I was in collage (where I graduated Summa Cum Laude ASU INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE) which flourished into our first collaboration:  HGTV Designer Finals where we were on National television together.  What a great bonding experience....Since then, I have continued to learn valuable skills from Mary that I feel will help me throughout my career as a professional ASID designer.  I love hearing Mary's design ideas which are always the most innovative and creative.  "Thank you Mary for our mutual love for design and for our never ending friendship" 

S. Rogers, Wilmette, ILL Sarah Rogers Design


"As the owner of Desert Valley Audio Video, I have worked with Mary Meinz Design for more than 10 years on countless projects.  Mary is a perfectionist in the best possible way.  Mary puts her clients first every time and has an amazing talent for making everything she touches beautiful and functional.  I am confident she has never had a client that was not beyond thrilled with their decision to work with Mary". 

Justin Worley, Owner Desert Valley Audio Video


Mary, You have spent your life creating so many wonderful homes for so many people.  Now we have the opportunity to see yours.  It is spectacular and once again the recognition of your talents are in the PH&G magazine , on Good Morning Arizona and other places.  Congrats!...thanks again for showing Gina what it takes to be a top designer 

J & J DeCosse, Bozeman, MT


I just wanted to congratulate you on one of the most eye-popping, appealingly designed homes I have seen in ever so long.  There isn't a featured room or an outdoor space that I couldn't happily live in.  You really did do a terrific job!  Since retiring from owning an ad agency in Houston for 35 years and moving to Tucson in 2004, I have remodeled and redecorated three homes, two of which were featured in the now defunct Tucson Home Magazine.  Lord knows, none compare to yours, but at least I feel somewhat qualified to judge good design when I see it.  Thanks for doing what you do so well!  

Don Boswell, Avid PH&G reader Tucson,AZ


I am finally here for a very short visit.  The house is gorgeous.  I love the new pottery!  The pottery adds wonderful color and texture to each room.  Thank you for my beautiful home!  I truly could not have done it without your help. 

P. Sykes  Chicago,Ill


"I loved the cover image of the recent issue of Phoenix Home and Garden, but it wasn't until I saw the Good Morning Arizona Designer tour and tips video that you were featured on that I was compelled to reach out and say 'beautiful!'  Crazy, right?  There is so much to love including the blending of old and new and the incorporation of bold color.  I don't typically do this but the home was so warm and inviting, it just communicated to me 'I am approachable, contact me', so I did.  I simply want to say Congratulations on that beautiful cover image and editorial!  the home is beautiful and I love your talant



"Thank you so much for your kindly and generously shared design expertise.  The colors you chose for Jack & Genevieve's rooms are SO perfect and adorable!.  I think of you everyday when I am in their rooms.  This always brings a smile to my face.  I appreciate you very much." 

Chris  Denver, CO


"....the home is a work of art and I believe they must feel blessed to live in such a peaceful place" 

R. Neilson, Canton, OHIO


"It has been our pleasure to work with Mary Meinz as a collegue of long standing.  Mary and Gina possess a rare combination of a defined aesthetic, business principal's and procedures while being low key and measured.  They are gracious and modest and express their gratitude to us for or efforts.  Mary is focused in her selections and before she enters our studio Mary has a thorough, well though out and organized plan.  In addition, she is protective of her client's interest and advocates on their behalf.  They are well-represented under Mary's direction.  It is our pleasure and privilege to work with Mary Meinz Design 

David Adler, DAVID E. ADLER FINE RUGS, Phoenix, AZ

Mary, we are so enjoying our new home remodel. Your firm really pulled it together. Thank you kindly.

Bill & Debra Naubert